"The people of District 35A should be looking to the future and not the past for the solutions of tomorrow. It’s time for a New Voice for a Better Future."

On May 15 Vote Josh Anderson Seat 35A

My Standpoints

Pro Business

As a successful owner of several small businesses, I understand how overly burdensome, restrictive, and challenging the government can be. I understand the only way to improve our economy is to encourage more growth in the private sector by reducing the amount of government red tape and allowing businesses to find true success.

A Constitutional Conservative

I believe the founding fathers of our great nation never could have envisioned how America today has allowed the Federal Government to overstep the bounds of our great state. We need to ensure that those serving at the state level protect, defend, and fight for the solitary rights of Idaho. We need representatives who are not afraid to stand up for those rights. I hold conservative principles, views, and morals to the highest standard in my own life.

A stickler for Fiscal Responsibility

As a business owner, I believe we must be good stewards of all funds. I have never been loose with funds in my businesses and believe government has an even greater responsibility to account for every penny that is spent of the people’s money. I promise to make those who spend your tax dollars accountable for every expense. I will work to eliminate programs, services, and departments that misuse funds or don’t serve a real purpose. I will not be afraid to do so at a state government level.